Melissa Cortez

Melissa Cortez is a Partner at Governmental Advocates. She joined the firm in 2000. Prior to joining Governmental Advocates, Ms. Cortez worked in the State Capitol as a Legislative Aide for a member of the California State Assembly and for the Joint Legislative Audit Committee.
At Governmental Advocates, Ms. Cortez works on a variety of issues, however she specializes in healthcare, workers’ compensation, renewable energy and the state budget. Representing the interests of pharmaceutical manufacturers, benefit managers and health care providers her work has ensured that Californian’s have access to the professional services and medications they need to improve their quality of life. During her tenure, she has also worked to advance California’s energy and climate goals, the development of renewable energy, and the economic opportunities of a green economy.
Ms. Cortez holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and Journalism from the California State University at Sacramento.

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