Founded in 1979, Governmental Advocates, Inc. is a full service government relations firm providing a broad range of lobbying and consulting services to clients looking to influence public policy in California. Our extensive knowledge of how government operates, ability to reach and educate decision makers and skill to craft and communicate the right message ensure our clients’ interests achieve positive, measurable results and is the reason why Governmental Advocates is consistently ranked among the top ten lobbying firms in Sacramento and the State.

At Governmental Advocates, we understand that success is based on performance and results. Our team has established a reputation for reliability, dependability and hard work, offering a wealth of experience and knowledge from corporate board rooms to the political sidelines. Our combined experience from years of involvement in state and the private sector provides us with the relationships and expertise necessary to design and recommend strategies to achieve our clients’ goals.

Governmental Advocates is uniquely situated to provide government relations consulting services to clients in Sacramento. Our firm successfully assists a broad array of clients in developing strategies and programs to win passage of legislation, modify regulations and establish allies and coalitions to achieve our clients policy objectives. The diversity of our clients’ interests range from issues dealing with associations, business, education, economic development, local governmental matters, health care and appropriations, among others.

Providing access to key Administration and Legislative leadership is a central component our team brings to clients. It is commonly known that a governmental relations operation is only as good as the relationships it has with elected officials and those within state agencies. Elected officials are faced with making decisions on a myriad of issues and cannot be expected to be experts on every subject which is why it’s critical that entities who operate in California or are regulated by the state build alliances and develop political relationships before they are needed. Because of our contacts at every level of state and local government throughout California, we are able to provide information, intelligence, support and advice that will enhance each client’s position to ensure development and execution of a successful government relations strategy.

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